Finger Physics Free

Finger Physics Free 1.38

Have some fun with your fingers


  • Diverse range of puzzles
  • Realistic game physics
  • Soothing music
  • Fun graphics


  • Might be too difficult for some


As the developer of this game points out, we all take our fingers for granted sometimes. Finger Physics Free is designed to help you appreciate exactly how useful your fingers can be, setting a series of challenges that will test the dexterity of your digits to the max.

The object of Finger Physics Free is essentially to solve puzzles by arranging shapes in a certain way. This can range from assembling a tower that doesn't fall down, to landing an egg in a basket by smashing the blocks underneath it. In all cases you have to take into account the physics of the situation. For instance, there are puzzles that are underwater and you need to assemble towers using a combination of blocks that sink and those that float. In other cases, you're dealing with magnetic shapes that will repel shapes of their own color but attract shapes of a different color.

Finger Physics Free is a gentle and strangely relaxing puzzle game, with smooth, languid animation and a soothing soundtrack. The puzzles can be pretty taxing on your brain and your fingers, but the dreamlike environment means that you stay relatively mellow even when you repeatedly mess up a puzzle - a very unusual trait for this kind of game.

Finger Physics Free is a light version of the game, but it still offers enough gameplay to keep you amused for ages. There are two levels each with plenty of puzzles, and each puzzle has three height targets to reach.

Finger Physics Free is a creative puzzle game that will keep your fingers busy for hours.

Additional Stage with more Levels! Bug Fixes


  • Additional Stage with more Levels! Bug Fixes
Finger Physics Free


Finger Physics Free 1.38

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